Star Wars Photography and goodies….

Okay… I admit, I’m a Fan… Admittedly I am a geek of its ever immersive universe. I still can’t get to grips whether I am a Jedi or a fan of the dark side. One thing I can agree on is that the Fans of Star Wars are the world’s greatest you’ll ever meet – I was very privileged to see and speak to so many at the recent Star Wars Celebration Europe at the ExCel in London.

In homage of this I hope you enjoy some Star Wars related images and pieces I’ve put together.

If you would like a print, gloss block, aluminum print or a canvas then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Please Click on the Images to order clothing and reveal prices. (These are on a limited run so don’t hang about!!)


Sith Inspection.

sith inspection tee

Sith Inspection Tee


sith inspection hoodie

Sith Inspection Hoodie

sith inspection drape

Sith Inspection Drape


sith inspection bomber

Sith Inspection Bomber Jacket












Rogue One Da Funk


Da funk Back

Rogue One Da Funk Backpack

Da Funk Bomber

Rogue One Da Funk Bomber Jacket

Da Funk hood

Rogue One Da Funk Hoodie

Da funk Zip Hood

Rogue One Da Funk Zip Hoodie

Da Funk Tee

Rogue One Da Funk Tee

Da Funk Sweat

Rogue One Da Funk Sweatshirt


















The Kessel Run.


Kessel run tee

Kessel Run Tee

Kessel run hoodie

Kessel Run Hoodie

Kessel run drape

Kessel Run Drape

Kessel run bomber

Kessel Run Bomber jacket



Rogue One. (1)

out of the hoodie

Rogue One (out of the shadows)

out of the tee

Rogue One (out of the shadows)

out of the drape

Rogue One (out of the shadows)

out of the bomber

Rogue One (out of the shadows)







Clone dreams.


supertrooper tee

Clone Dreams Tee (supertrooper)

supertrooper 2 drape

Clone Dreams Drape (supertrooper)

supertrooper bomber

Clone Dreams Bomber Jacket (supertrooper)

supertrooper remix

Clone Dreams Bomber Jacket (supertrooper)

supertrooper drape

Clone Dreams Drape (supertrooper)

supertrooper hoodie

Clone Dreams Hoodie (supertrooper)







Rogue One (2)



Tamashi Nations.


doubtful one bomber

The Doubtful One Bomber Jacket

doubtful one tee

The Doubtful One Tee

doubtful one hoodie

The Doubtful One Hoodie

doubtful one drape

The Doubtful One Drape













Degobah Training School.



” She won’t have a scratch ” Pre – Death Star Run Millenium Falcon Radar Dish.



R2-D2 Courtesy of – R2-D2 Builders Club


droid heart tee

Droid Heart Tee

droid heart drape

Droid Heart Drape

droid heart hoodie

Droid Heart Hoodie

droid heart bomber

Droid Heart Bomber Jacket



Rogue One Death Star Model.



carbonite T

Carbonite Tee

Carbonite drape T

Carbonite Drape

Carbonite Sweatshirt

Carbonite Sweater

Carbonite Bomber Jacket

Carbonite Bomber Jacket


  1. Jedi one

    These are ace – will be ordering!
    Hopefully they will make me stand out at the next comic contact or celebration event – thanks!

    1. Stuart Ellesmere (Post author)

      Thanks Jedi One for your brill comment!


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