An Abstract point of view.

These images have been developed digitally using various free software. Some images are also manipulated via double exposure. I hope that You – the Viewer will enjoy them and evoke some form of conversation or feeling. I am hoping that you can give me some form of feedback on these pieces as I am tempted to paint some of these in the near future if they produce a positive response. 

Keep checking back on the website and follow me on my Instagram account. 

Please contact me for prints of what will be a limited run. All prints, canvasses or other media will be marked with a number and my signature.

Open the door (and step in)

Internal Power Struggle

Downtown Haze

Cold and dark 1

Cold and dark 2

Cold and dark 3

Flowtronic 1

Flowtronic 2

Flowtronic 3

Flowtronic 4

Flowtronic 5

Flowtronic 6

Flowtronic 7

Flowtronic 8

Flowtronic 9

Firework tree 1

Firework tree 2

Firework tree 3

Combustible 1

Combustible 2

Combustible 3

Combustible 4

Spectral flow 1

Spectral flow 2

The pink ghost 1

The pink ghost 2

The pink ghost 3

Abstract Bark 1

Abstract Bark 2

Abstract Bark 3

Abstract Bark 4

Abstract Bark 5

Abstract Bark 6


Glitch skull on water 1

Glitch skull on water 2




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