Thankyou for ‘stumbling’ over my Website!

Some of you may have come across this via my social media pages – namely Google +, Facebook, Instagram and YouPic.

I am hoping that you like what you see – I am hoping to transform this into a full time reality.

Officially my Business: www.ellesmerecollective.co.uk began trading in late 2014 – it has gone from strength to strength since then having been rewarded paid Photographic Projects from Australian University’s to Local Business’s in Kent, UK – photographing Shop and Business products. I have also undertaken private portrait work for Clients.

My strength I believe, is producing something contemporary, bold and different. I hope when clients see my work they see that I have my own style and can recognise this from others. I hope that it stands out.

This is the part I ask for your help. At Present, I do not do this as a full time venture. I hope that in the near future it can become one. Getting noticed Artistically in this day and age is becoming more and more difficult – All I ask is: that if you like what you see, please tell others via Social Media, shout in someone’s face (wouldn’t advise it!) or buy something from me via my Merch store or contact me for a print or three!

I am always looking at new concepts, models, ideas and partnerships – Please get in contact with me and let’s communicate!

Kind regards,


Stuart Ellesmere

Business Owner of www.ellesmerecollective.co.uk


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